PCP Notification of Hospital Discharges

Notification of Hospital DischargesAll hospitalized patients are anxious to be discharged, and all need a day or two to transition back to a home setting. After discharge, your older patients may face additional challenges unique to their age group. That’s why we are notifying primary care physicians when a Medicare patient is discharged from the hospital. Your patient will also receive a letter recommending a follow-up office visit.

Studies show that approximately 20 percent of Medicare patients are readmitted within 30 days of discharge (See the article Many Seniors Confused About Hospitalization appearing in this newsletter). These patients may experience confusion after their hospitalization, making it difficult for them to fully understand discharge instructions. They may also have received numerous health care recommendations and need guidance integrating the information into their care plan.

Contact Your Discharged Patients

As the primary source of medical care and information for your patients, you can ease this transition and help to alleviate confusion and anxiety. We encourage you to contact your discharged patients and schedule an office visit as soon as possible. During the visit you can review any medication changes as well as the patient’s understanding of needed follow-up care.

EmblemHealth Can Help Too

We use daily admission and discharge reports to identify your patients who may benefit from case management programs and disease management programs. Unfortunately, we often lack correct contact information. Please encourage your patients to call Customer Service (at the phone number on their member identification card) or sign in to www.emblemhealth.com to update their contact information.

  • If your patient can benefit from Case Management services, call 1-800-447-0768.
  • If your patient can benefit from home delivery of prescription medication, call 1-800-837-0959 for instructions on faxing the prescription to Express Scripts.
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