How the Survey Process Works

The process for both our surveys and the DOH surveys are much the same. Surveyors will call a randomly selected sample of practitioners to ascertain compliance with DOH standards using two survey methodologies:

  • The appointment availability survey methodology includes telephone calls to practice offices during regular office hours to determine the next available appointment for a given type of service.
  • The 24-hour access methodology includes calling practitioners’ after-hours telephone numbers to determine whether a caller can reach a live voice and be connected directly with their clinician or a covering clinician, or at least receive a return call from their clinician or the covering clinician within 30 minutes.

In addition to a random sampling of practitioners, DOH will also include providers who were found noncompliant in the last survey. For either survey, you may receive a call from a DOH-contracted surveyor posing as one of our members. In any case, calls should be answered in the same way as calls from EmblemHealth, GHI and HIP members.

To minimize the inconvenience to you and your staff, we do not call any practitioner more than once a year, unless found to be noncompliant. DOH may call more often.