You and Your Office Staff – Keys to a Positive Member Experience

Postive ExperienceDo your patients feel at ease and believe they receive enough time with you during an examination? Is your office staff friendly and courteous when they interact with your patients? The answers to these questions, along with how well your patients rate EmblemHealth’s plan benefits, contribute to overall member satisfaction.

Formal metrics of member satisfaction are measured by member complaints and by both internal and mandated surveys such as CAHPS® (Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems). The CAHPS® surveys are in the field until June.

Doing Your Part to Improve Member Satisfaction?

Members appreciate courteous and kind treatment by office staff when scheduling an appointment, answering their questions and sharing concerns with physicians and clinical staff. Of course, all communication should be conducted in a culturally sensitive manner, in ways that members understand, especially given low health literacy.

Member satisfaction improves when your patients:

  • Receive appointments when needed
  • Are seen within 15 minutes of their scheduled appointment time
  • Experience unhurried time with their physician
  • Get written instructions on their care before leaving the examination room

Additionally, you can support your patient’s overall well-being and improve their satisfaction by:

  • Ensuring they receive needed preventive and disease-specific services
  • Helping them coordinate their care with medical specialists, behavioral health professionals, pharmacy and other health practitioners

Satisfied patients are more likely to comply with your treatment and follow-up recommendations. This gives you the opportunity to address preventive and disease management services.

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