Think on Your Feet – They Matter!

Between speed-walking, biking, riding the subway, or running late to that next meeting, New Yorkers are constantly on their feet. In the fashion capital of the world, your footwear not only matters for style, but also for function.

Close up shot of a pair of red shoes. A man is sitting in an alley way but only his shoes and legs are visible. Copyspace to the left of the image.

1. Wear the Right Size

Fit matters. Wearing the right size can go a long way in preventing foot pain, calluses, bunions and more. Poor shoe fit is a common problem. Don’t go by the description or even the size of a shoe, but how it feels when you walk in it. Skip or jog in them lightly when trying them on. They say you can judge a person only after walking two moons in their shoes. Hey, those shoes make a difference!


2. Roll with It

As a New Yorker, we’re on our feet a lot. We have places to be and people to see. Pounding the pavement or standing on the subway each day can take a toll. Roll a golf ball under your feet to help relieve discomfort and ease any pain in your muscles and fascia (heel).


3. Get Light on Your Feet – Stay Physically Active

As modern work culture continues to evolve, we’re often sitting—or even standing!—at our desks for longer periods of time, which is why foot exercises or committing to the 20-minute rule is important. Making sure you take time out of your day to stretch and work out your feet is necessary to keep your blood flowing.


4. Self-Care for Your Feet

Self-care is essential to maintain a healthy relationship with you and others around you. Care for your feet as you would any other part of you. Soak in the bathtub and let your feet heal. Massaging them with coconut oil can not only help improve circulation, but helps you relax before bed.


These four tips will ensure not your feet not only look good but feel great. Have additional questions about keeping your feet healthy? Talk to your doctor or log in to your myEmblemHealth member portal to find a podiatrist near you.


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