Helping Small Businesses During COVID-19

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Helping Small Businesses During COVID-19

Tips from EmblemHealth EVP and Chief Growth Officer, Eric Galvin's recent appearance on "Crain's Small Business Lifeline" podcast.

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EmblemHealth’s EVP and Chief Growth Officer Eric Galvin was recently featured on Crain’s Small Business Lifeline, a podcast to help small businesses navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. As a thought leader for one of the largest nonprofit health insurance companies in the U.S., Eric  was asked how small businesses should approach health insurance and open enrollment during COVID-19. His key takeaways include:

·         Health insurance brokers are a valuable resource for small businesses, and carriers are paying the cost. Eric advised businesses to put brokers to work for them to maximize health insurance options. He emphasized that in most cases the carrier pays for the broker. Eric suggests companies work with someone who understands the uniqueness of their business, and who can also educate employees about health plan coverage.

·         Go digital. Many health insurers, including EmblemHealth, are offering virtual enrollment seminars, virtual enrollment toolkits, and other digital materials that small businesses can take advantage of during the outbreak.

·         Through the pandemic, telehealth has emerged as a vital tool to bring patients and providers together. Eric also touched on how digital-first health products, like the new EmblemHealth Virtual EPO plans launching in January 2021, will deliver care in new ways for years to come.

·         Eric urged employers to seek out health insurance companies that are truly agile. Small businesses must be accommodated during challenging times. EmblemHealth is committed to offering small businesses the choice, flexibility, and variety of network options they need.

·         Companies should explore any new, value-added products and services to help them better manage staffing in the COVID-19 era. EmblemHealth is going beyond health care to offer COVID [LD1] Navigator,* an innovative app that helps employers create a safe environment for both employees and customers. COVID Navigator fully integrates with a case management system so companies can keep track of who can return to work, and who must quarantine. It also provides all the documentation and reporting needed to comply with the latest COVID-19 regulations.

Listen to the podcast here.

*COVID Navigator is not a health insurance benefit or product. Sold separately.