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A New Vision to Navigate Health Care

The EmblemHealth Difference

For the past 80 years, EmblemHealth has been committed to creating healthier futures for our customers and the communities we serve. From our longstanding history insuring unions to our coverage for small and large groups, we provide a wide variety of products and services spanning not just the tristate area, but nationwide.

Today, we are one of the nation’s largest non-profit health plans, providing access to high-quality, affordable care to more than 3 million members. We have achieved this by building strong, personal relationships with health care providers, community resource partners, members and the businesses we serve. We are driven by a new vision on how to successfully navigate through the complexities of the health care system, as well as a renewed determination to better serve our members and business partners. Because of this, EmblemHealth has fostered a culture of relentless ingenuity to enhance and seek out new ways to reduce costs and improve health outcomes.

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Why Choose EmblemHealth

Competitive Pricing

We understand that health care costs are a significant portion of a business’s expenses. That’s why we strive each day to offer a competitive price. We do this in five key ways:

Strong collaborations with providers to manage the cost of care.

The majority of our arrangements are value-based to reward value over volume.

Extensive medical management to ensure we are controlling costs.

Robust pharmacy management to keep drug costs low.

We are a not-for-profit, so any surplus is reinvested in our organization.

Quality Products and Services

Through the strength of the plans and services we offer, we empower our members toward achieving their goal of healthier outcomes

Access to robust statewide, regional and national networks.

Clinical management and wellness expertise.

Communications and tools to help members manage their health.

Continuous Innovation

In a climate where the health care system is constantly changing and evolving, we continually strive for improvement and innovation and believe being agile and nimble is necessary to stay ahead of the curve.

We are striking new partnerships including best-in-class Centers of Excellence with Memorial Sloan Kettering and Hospital of Special Surgery.

We’re implementing and enhancing our technology to create a seamless experience for all our customers. Our most recent technology innovations include:

Investment in digital platforms to change the way EmblemHealth supports clients and members.

Using data to create insights EmblemHealth can share with clients to drive better cost and health outcomes.

We continue to create new plans and solutions that help individuals and businesses get the care they need.

Customer Satisfaction

EmblemHealth is committed to serving our customers. We actively seek feedback from our customers and use that information to provide products and services that meet their needs, all of which are backed by our dedicated Member Services team.

Our year-over-year retention rate is over 90%.

EmblemHealth offer plans for businesses of all sizes, including fully insureds and self-funded options.

Member Services is an advocate for our members, employers, and providers, serving them in a simple, dependable, convenient, and cost-efficient manner*.

* Members can call Member Services at the number found on their EmblemHealth ID card.

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Our Values

We deliver on our mission every day by living our values with our colleagues, members, clients and partners. We realize that values are only good if they contribute to meaningful and positive outcomes. That’s why accountability and our commitment to be accountable is core to all we do.

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