March 24, 2011


Changes to Broker of Record Processing

EmblemHealth has made a change to expedite our Broker of Record (BOR) processing for groups.

Our old system linked the first four digits of a customer’s nine-digit group number to the broker of record. Under the new system, these first four digits will no longer be linked to the broker of record. If a group changes brokers, it will keep its current group number, as shown below:

Example:  A change of BOR is submitted on 3/20/2011 for XYZ Company, group number 12341ABCD, moving from John Smith Brokerage to Tom Jones Agency, effective 5/1/2011
(1st of the month following 30 days).


Change in BOR created a new group number for XYZ Company: 98761ABCD.


Change in BOR does not impact existing group number for XYZ Company. 
The group number remains 12341ABCD.

The transition will be seamless for groups, resulting in faster, more efficient processing of plan
changes and a reduction in claim kick-outs, enrollment and claim reworks. Payment of commissions
will not be affected.

Our new BOR processing is just one of the ways we at EmblemHealth are continually refining our business processes to better serve our customers and the broker community.

If you have any questions, please contact your EmblemHealth representative.