August 21, 2012

Online Payment Option Now Extended to HIP Small and
Large Groups

EmblemHealth is committed to finding solutions that make it easier for customers to interact with us.

Up until now, our Web portal for groups had been accessible only to administrators of GHI- and EmblemHealth-branded plans. Now, myEmblemHealth is available to most of your clients, which means that all small groups with HIP-branded plans (including HIPIC and Healthy NY groups, as well as HIP sole proprietors) can take advantage of the important functions offered online through our group Web portal. Once they register and sign in, HIP small group benefits administrators will be able to check eligibility status, request ID cards, update important personal information, and view the covered services available to their group under their plan — all at the click of a mouse.

One of the most helpful new functions for these groups is an option for paying premiums online that is both convenient and secure. It is now available to HIP groups, small and large.

Quick Access

Our e-payment system, presented in partnership with JP Morgan Chase, is accessible to all small group administrators when they register and sign in to the group portal for employers on Note that HIP large groups will continue to be directed to their own logon page. From their home page, administrators can take advantage of new options that allow them to pay their premiums quickly and securely. They can complete the online payment process in just a few steps:

  • Click the "Pay My Bill" option.
  • Enter the online payment service by clicking "Pay Now" or "Set Up Auto-Pay."
  • Create a payment profile that sets up electronic payments through the group's bank account.
  • Choose to make a one-time payment or set up an automatic recurring payment schedule.

It's that simple. HIP groups will receive notice of this online payment service on their October billing invoice, to be sent out in mid-September.

Smart Features

Here are some of the features of this customer-friendly payment option:

  • For each transaction, once the group administrator has set up the payment, he or she can review the request in a new window and then authorize the electronic transmission.
  • An e-mail confirmation will be sent to the group, letting them know that their premium
    has been paid.
  • Payments are credited against the group's balance due within two business days of submission.
  • EmblemHealth does not charge any fee for electronic payment transactions.
  • Groups will see savings from the elimination of postage costs and overnight mail expenses, while reducing the inconvenient delays caused by check mailing and processing.

HIP groups will find that making their premium payments and tracking their payment history has never been easier. Encourage your clients to make use of this efficient service.

Please note: This Web-based service is only designed for making premium payments. Group administrators cannot change their coverage, adjust their member status, or perform any other alteration to their plan through this payment system.

If you have questions about this new option, please contact your EmblemHealth Sales representative.