July 18, 2012

Notifying Customers About Proposed 2013 Rate Increases

The New York State Department of Financial Services (NYSDFS) has the authority to review and approve in advance health plan premium rate increases for community-rated plans. For small groups (including sole proprietors) renewing in 2013, we are submitting a request to the NYSDFS for a change to the premium rate that will become effective on the 2013 renewal date of your small group clients' policies. We are required to give affected groups and their subscribers advance notice of the proposed percent increase for which we are seeking approval.

We are in the process of mailing letters notifying the affected groups and their members about the proposed percent increases. View a sample of the group and subscriber prior approval initial notifications.

After the NYSDFS informs us about the increases they have approved, we will mail letters to your affected groups and their members letting them know their renewal rate increase, approximately 60 days prior to the renewal date.

Thank you.