Health Care Is

We believe that health goes beyond the doctor’s office.

Did you know that medical care only makes up about 10% to 20% of your overall health? The other 80% to 90% is shaped by your daily habits, what you eat, where you live, the resources you have access to, and many other factors that go beyond what we usually consider when we think about health care. These factors are often referred to as the social determinants of health.


As a health care company, EmblemHealth’s mission is to create healthier futures for our members and for our communities. We help people get quality, affordable coverage and access to the care they need, but we also understand that our thoughts and actions need to go beyond the basics.


We believe that our health can be improved by the food we eat and the company we keep, including our family, pets, and community. We also understand how gender and identity can shape our physical and mental health well-being. That’s why EmblemHealth is broadening our approach to health care by offering free community spaces and supporting mental health, access to healthy food options, and much more. And, we’re supporting other local non-profits that are making a difference.


At its core, health care is made up of the things that matter to all of us. Join us in making a difference together.

Food Is Health Care

Health Care Is

What we eat has a dramatic effect on our overall health. Having the tools and knowledge to create a healthy, balanced diet can make all the difference.

Pets Are Health Care

Health Care Is

Love your pet? Your health does, too. From keeping you active to being faithful companions, pets are shown to help improve health in a number of ways.

Community is Health Care

Health Care Is

Health care is more than just going to the doctor—it’s people coming together for classes, conversation, healthy food, and each other. That’s why we’ve created EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care—community centers that support health and well-being.

Women’s Health is Health Care

Health Care Is

Women have unique health needs. As a woman-led organization, we believe in strong action and advocacy to ensure women get the care and attention they deserve.

Mental Health is Health Care

Health Care Is

Mental health is critical to well-being. But many still feel a stigma around asking for help. We’re working to change that.

Identity is Health Care

Health Care Is

Nothing is more core to your well-being than your identity. That’s why we’re advocating for visibility, inclusion, and choice in health care.


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