Managing Your Weight

Did you know?

Obesity is one of the most serious problems facing Americans today. That is why EmblemHealth is helping its members stay fit and healthy.

You have the power to control your weight.
Below are some tools that will help you figure out if you are overweight, and what you can do about it. And remember, it’s never too late to get healthy.

Check Your Weight Using BMI

What is BMI?
Body Mass Index or BMI is the measure of body fat which is calculated using a person’s height and weight. BMI is a quick and easy way to see if your current weight is healthy.

How do I measure my BMI?
The easiest way to measure BMI is to use an online calculator like the ones on this page. The adult calculator is for adults ages 20 and older. The child and adolescent calculator lets you figure out BMI for children and teens ages 2 through 19 years old. Both tools were developed by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

What do I do with my BMI results?
Once you calculate BMI for you and/or your child, it is important that you talk about the results with your doctor. Your doctor may suggest ways to help you and/or your child stay healthy.

BMI Calculators

Measure your BMI using these calculators:

Assess Your Health with an HRA

While it is important to understand your BMI, it is just as important that you have a good picture of your overall health. Our free online Health Risk Assessment (HRA) can help you learn about your own health risks due to your lifestyle and family history. Sign in to myEmblemHealth and learn more.

More Tools for Weight Management

Healthy weight loss is not just about dieting. Managing your weight requires you to change the way you think about food. You will need to start a healthy routine that includes long-term changes in the foods you eat each day and good exercise habits.

Losing just 10 percent of your current body weight can help make a big difference to your health. We have tools to help you and your family follow a healthy diet, increase physical activity and change behaviors. We also offer discounts to health clubs, nutritionists, weight loss programs and other health and wellness services. Find out more about how EmblemHealth can help you live a healthy lifestyle.

Ready to Take Control?

You can prevent many health issues by being a healthy weight. Learn how obesity, which is being very overweight, is linked to many diseases including diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis and more.

Encourage Your Children to Eat Healthy

With all the fast food and high-calorie snacks out there, it may not be easy to get your child to eat healthy, but it’s very important to good health.

The CDC found that the number of obese children and adolescents in the US has more than doubled over the past three decades. In 2008, more than twelve and a half million children aged two to nineteen were obese.* Many experts believe childhood obesity is almost an epidemic – and statistics show that by 2015, we may see more 20 to 30-year olds having heart attacks because obese people have a higher chance of having heart disease.

Good eating habits can help keep your child healthy and at a healthy weight. You can set an example by eating nutritious foods and enjoying healthy meals with your child. Habits developed early can last a lifetime.

Below is information to help you make smart choices when planning healthy meals and snacks for your family. You can print out the information you find most useful and refer to it again and again.

The following tip sheets are from the Department of Health:

The following menus can help you plan healthy meals:

* Data from NHANES surveys Prevalence of Obesity Among Children and Adolescents: United States, Trends 1963-1965 Through 2007-2008 and Preventing Childhood Obesity: Health in Balance, 2005 Institute of Internal Medicine.

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