EmblemHealth Launches New Campaign to Shine a Spotlight on Social Determinants of Health

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EmblemHealth Launches New Campaign to Shine a Spotlight on Social Determinants of Health


NEW YORK, Feb. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- EmblemHealth, one of the nation's largest non-profit health insurers, today announced a campaign focused on broadening the health care discussion and educating consumers on the social determinants of health. The campaign, 'Health Care Is,' expands the traditional definition of health care by highlighting programs and partnerships that influence daily habits and decisions, from what people eat to the community resources to which they have access.

Research shows that medical care, including doctor and hospital visits, only accounts for 10 to 20 percent of overall health. The remaining is shaped by other health-related habits, socioeconomic status, our environment, and other factors. While these factors—collectively referred to as the social determinants of health—are at the core of many federal and state efforts to improve population health, EmblemHealth's campaign aims to broaden the dialogue by framing it around issues and causes that consumers care about. The campaign highlights the benefits, programs and partnerships EmblemHealth offers to improve overall health, with a focus on six core areas: Community, Identity, Women's Health, Pets, Mental Health and Food.

"EmblemHealth's mission is to create healthier futures for our members and our communities by opening the doors to the health care system through our benefits, services and resources," said EmblemHealth President and CEO Karen Ignagni. "At the same time, supporting members' health requires bigger thinking. This campaign does that by raising awareness of the daily decisions that affect our members' quality of life, such as the food we eat and the company we keep, including our family, pets, and the broader community. It's also important to understand how gender and identity can shape our physical and mental health in terms of the care we seek and receive. Our goal is to make the concept of the social determinants of health relevant and meaningful to the communities we serve."

Over the next several months, 'Health Care Is' will highlight programs offered by EmblemHealth through social media, digital ads, community advertising, and local events. 'Health Care Is' will also support local non-profits with whom EmblemHealth has a shared commitment to health.

To learn more about the campaign and EmblemHealth's programs, visit emblemhealth.com/healthcareis.

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EmblemHealth is one of the nation's largest nonprofit health insurers, with 3.1 million members and an 80-year legacy of serving New York's communities. The company offers a full range of commercial and government-sponsored health plans to employers, individuals and families, as well as convenient community resources. As a market leader in value-based care, EmblemHealth partners with top doctors and hospitals to deliver quality, affordable care. For more information, visit emblemhealth.com.

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