Why You Should Make Your Members Our Members

We know there are lots of choices out there for health care. Yet each day, millions of people across the New York tristate area look to EmblemHealth — including many of the area's largest labor unions. Union trustees and other decision makers like you know that we will:

Understand and Respect Members’ Health Care Needs

No one wants to be just a number on an ID card. It’s why we’re always working to be and do better, while providing the personal attention that each of our members deserves.

Offer Quality Care at an Affordable Price

Every dollar counts, especially today. It’s why we offer a selection of plans to meet every budget. Prices vary, but the level of attentive care offered by the health care providers in our networks and overall service our members receive never will — no matter which plan you select.

Be Accessible When You Need Us Most

We live in a 24/7 world and health care plans should meet this expectation. We get this and offer ways for our members to get what they need when they need it. Whether it’s 24/7 customer service or access to urgent care, we aim to provide our members with what they need, when they it.

From the people we hire, to the programs we design and the providers we select — we’re working to put our members first every day. Our commitment to caring for members like you is long-standing, proven and stronger than ever.

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