Changes to the In-Office Testing List for CompreHealth, HIP and Vytra Plans

Changes to the In-Office Testing List for CompreHealth, HIP and Vytra Plans

(Applies to CompreHealth, HIP and Vytra benefit plans.) 

The In-Office Testing List, as published in the EmblemHealth Provider Manual, has been updated to allow certain in-office tests to be performed by additional types of specialists. It also includes an additional test that all practitioners may perform.


These changes are effective November 1, 2010, and are noted in bold in the list excerpt below:


Excerpt from: In-Office Testing List - CompreHealth/HIP/Vytra Effective November 1, 2010

Code Description Specialty*
80100 Drug screen; multiple Pain Medicine, Addiction Medicine
80101 Drug screen; single Pain Medicine, Addiction Medicine
86485 Skin test; candida Infectious Disease, Allergy/Immunology
86702-QW OraQuick rapid HIV-2 antibody test  
86735 Antibody; mumps Infectious Disease, Allergy/Immunology

*Please note: Most of the codes on the In-Office Testing List may be performed by all practitioners. However, some codes may only be performed by practitioners in the specialty type(s) listed within the “Specialty” column of the table.


Effective November 1, 2010, the following CPT-4 code will be added to the In-Office Testing List and may be performed by all specialty types:


86702-QW: OraQuick rapid HIV-2 Antibody Test