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You can find EmblemHealth medical policies in Clinical Corner. These medical policies reflect some of the information we consider when determining the medical necessity of certain services or supplies.

You can:
  • submit electronic claims to EmblemHealth using the Payor IDs listed in the Claims Contacts chart in the Directory chapter of the provider manual.
  • submit paper claims (CMS-1500 forms) to the addresses listed in the Claims Contacts chart, unless otherwise indicated on the member’s ID card.

Provider Relations Identification System (PRIS) Number is an assigned number that distinguishes each provider’s participating service location. Each participating service location, credentialed with EmblemHealth (HIP) receives a PRIS Number. 

If a provider does not know their PRIS Number they may contact an EmblemHealth Customer Care Provider Advocate at 866-447-9717 or they may refer to the provider directory by following the directions below:

  1. Go to Find a Doctor on
  2. Scroll down to one of the Prime Network plans in which you participate
  3. Click Providers, then Search on the dropdown that appears.
  4. Enter the provider’s name (or whatever criteria you have) and click Search at the bottom.
  5. Click on the providers name to see more information associated with their practice, including their PRIS number (which is also referred to as a Directory number).
  6. This page also includes plans and networks in which the provider participates. If something is wrong, you should correct it. To do so, please visit our Update Directory page.

The most efficient, safe and streamlined way to do business with EmblemHealth is through our secure website. It also is the quickest, most cost-effective and most environmentally friendly way to receive and send information. So, if you haven’t already, please sign up for secure access today. Just go to our Secure Portal Access page and click Register. Complete the required fields.

Note: HIP providers have a Provider Number (aka PRIS#) for each of their locations and must register each Provider Number separately. GHI providers have only one Provider Number but must register for each of their TINs separately. 

Need help finding your provider number(s)?

  • Go to Find a Doctor on
  • Scroll down to one of the Prime Network plans in which you participate
  • Click Providers, then Search on the dropdown that appears.
  • Enter the provider’s name (or whatever criteria you have) and click Search at the bottom.
  • Click on the providers name to see more information associated with their practice, including their PRIS number (which is also referred to as a Directory number). If you are a HIP provider and have multiple locations, click “See Other Locations” and then “See Details” for each location to gather all of your Provider Numbers.
  • This page also includes plans and networks in which the provider participates. If something is wrong, you should correct it. To do so, please visit our Update Directory page

Need help registering?

  • If you are a HIP provider, you need to register each office location separately, using your location-specific Provider Numbers: If you have three locations, you will need to complete the registration process three times. 
  • If you are a GHI provider, you need to register each TIN used to submit claims separately. This meant if you have two TINs, you will need to complete the registration process two times. Use the same Provider Number for each registration. 
  • If you are both a HIP and GHI provider, please follow the instructions in the first two bullets. 

Once registered, you can:

  • Check your network participation.
  • Update your practice information.
  • Set the level of access for your staff.
  • Appoint a staff member to act on your behalf.
  • Check member benefits and eligibility and manage referrals and prior approval.

For EmblemHealth benefit plans that require referrals, the referral must be made to a network specialist in the member’s benefit plan. You will be able to check specialist participation, one you initiate the referral request.

  • Sign in to our secure portal with your PRIS number (which is also referred to as a Directory number in Find a Doctor tool)
  • Select a service type.
    • Search for the specialty provider using either the specialists PRIS number, if known, or by entering general information such as the provider’s area of specialization and the members benefit plan information. This will provide you with a list of providers that participate in the members benefit plan. Select a provider and continue with creating the referral.
  • The system will guide you through the process based on the member's benefit plan.
  • To check the status of a referral, search by the member's ID number or by trace/authorization number.

Refer to the “How Obtain Prior Approval” section of the Directory chapter of the Provider Manual.

We recommend that you periodically review the information we have on file for you. To do this, sign in to our secure website and select "Provider Profile" or "Practice Profile" from the left navigation panel.

You may also visit our Update Directory page for guidance and a form for submitting updates (provided you are not credentialed through a delegated vendor. In that case see your credentialing coordinator).

Helpful tip: The Provider/ Practice Profile screen also includes information about the networks you participate in. You must accept a patient’s benefit plan if the network shown on the member’s ID card, on the eligibility details screen on our secure provider website or shared through our IVR system, matches one of your participating networks. According to our standard contracting guidelines, if you are in a network, you may see members with any benefit plan associated with that network.

Keeping your information current ensures we send your claims payments and other important correspondence to the correct address. It also helps our members contact you at your current location. If you don’t have access to a computer, please fax any changes to our Provider Modifications team at 1-877-889-9061. You may also mail your changes to:

Provider Modifications Team
55 Water Street,
6th Floor,
New York, New York, 10041-8190

If you have questions about your network participation, please sign in to our secure provider website and go to our Message Center. Select “General Information” as the category from the drop-down menu on the “Ask a Question” page. Thank you for your partnership with EmblemHealth.

EmblemHealth has dedicated a web page of useful member materials on our Live Well site so your EmblemHealth patients can manage their care and keep their costs down.    

Religio-Cultural Competency

Properly addressing religion is a key element of providing patient-centered care and improving health outcomes and patient and family satisfaction. That’s why we partnered with the Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding, a secular nonprofit organization dedicated to overcoming religious bias and intolerance, to create resources that help medical practitioners understand how religious beliefs and practices intersect with medical science. For more information, please see the Cultural Competency Continuing Education and Resources section of our Learning Online page.

Language Line: Interpreter Service

Free multi-language interpreter service is available to assist providers and their patients. Services are available in over 200 languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese Mandarin, Chinese Cantonese, Tagalog, French, Vietnamese, German, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, French Creole, Polish, Hindi and Japanese. To access an interpreter, providers may call 1-866-447-9717 and a Provider Customer Care Advocate will assist you.

The plan name “Enhanced Care Plus” and the network name “Enhanced Care Prime” will display on member ID cards. The Member Eligibility Details screen in the secure provider portal and the PCP Panel Report will indicate HARP membership. Members assigned PCPs will be sent letters regarding members Heath Home assignments. If you do not have the assignment letter and need to identify your patient’s Health Home, please call 1-866-447-9717.

It is very important for our physical health network practitioners to be aware of their patients’ mental health and substance use disorders. We ask our PCPs to screen their patients for depression and other potential issues and to take these diagnoses into consideration when developing treatment plans. Where possible, please identify and coordinate care with your patient’s behavioral health providers. For more information on HARP and other Medicaid Managed Care services, please see the Medicaid section of the Provider Network and Member Benefit Plans chapter.

Helpful tip: As a reminder, providers who participated in the Medicaid Prime Network, now fully participate in the Enhanced Care Prime Network. Our rebranded network is associated with our Medicaid Managed Care plan – Enhanced Care, our HARP plan – Enhanced Care Plus and our Basic Health plan – Essential Plan. If the member calls you and you do not participate in their benefit plan, please direct them back to our website.

Sign in to our secure provider website and proceed to the Message Center. When you compose your message, select “General Information” as the category in the drop-down menu on the "Ask a Question" page.

NYC has developed a series of informative Action Kits and Handbooks to help primary care providers address key health issues with their patients.

Public Health Action Kits for Providers - contain clinical tools, resources for providers and patient education materials, which promote evidence-based best practices and chronic disease management. These materials are available for health care providers and their practices to help improve patient care related to key public health challenges. Clinical topics have been chosen largely because of their anticipated impact on morbidity and mortality.

Additional Handbooks are available in the Primary Care Innovation Network Resource Library (sponsored by PCDC).

For times when you are not available and your EmblemHealth members need access to in-person urgent care and use of the ER is not appropriate, please provide them with a list of the Urgent Care Centers they have access to.

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