The proper coding of procedure and diagnosis for billing purposes. 


Date Issued (YYYY/MM/DD) Title
2021/04/06 EmblemHealth Preventive Care/Screening Services Coverage (Revised)
2021/04/06 EmblemHealth Preventive Care Screening Services Coverage
2021/02/04 EmblemHealth Guide for NPIs and Taxonomy Codes
2021/02/04 Gender Rules and ICD 10-CM F64.0
2021/02/04 Additions to the Self-Referral Payment Policy List
2021/01/11 National Drug Code (NDC) Requirements for Drug Claims
2020/11/06 Coding updates for Medical Policies
2020/10/19 Denial of CPT Codes Billed With Bariatric Surgery
2020/10/14 Future Steps Pregnancy App
2020/09/30 Allergy Testing
2020/08/20 EmblemHealth 5010 HIPAA Transaction Standard Companion Guides
2020/06/25 New CPT Codes
2020/06/12 Emergency Ground Ambulance Destination Modifier
2020/06/12 2017 ClaimsXten Edits
2020/06/12 New and Revised Place of Service Codes (POS) for Outpatient Hospital
2020/06/12 Abdominal Ultrasound for Mononucleosis
2020/06/12 Anesthesia for Pain Management Injections –Commercial (Updated)
2020/06/12 Anesthesia Modifier Reporting
2020/06/12 APG Rate Codes
2020/06/12 Billing Instructions for Long Acting Injectable Antipsychotics, Vivitrol and Injectable Naloxone
2020/06/12 Canalith Repositioning Therapy – CPT 95992
2020/06/12 Cardiovascular Evaluation with Tilt Table Testing –CPT code 93660
2020/06/12 Care Management Services
2020/06/12 Category II CPT Codes
2020/06/12 Change in Coverage for CPT Code 0184T
2020/06/12 Change in Coverage for CPT CODE 28446
2020/06/12 Change in Coverage for CPT Code 81493: Gene expression profiling – Coronary Artery Disease
2020/06/12 Change in Coverage for CPT Code 84066
2020/06/12 Change in Coverage for CPT Code 97026
2020/06/12 Change in CPT Codes for Qualitative Drug Screen Testing
2020/06/12 Changes to HCPCS Modifier 59
2020/06/12 Chest X-Rays for Lung Cancer Screening
2020/06/12 ClaimsXten® — Claims Audit Software
2020/06/12 Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment Waived Tests
2020/06/12 Clinical Trial Billing Requirements
2020/06/12 CMS Requires HIPPS and Rate Codes for SNF and HHA Claims
2020/06/12 Code J7313, Brand Name: Iluvien
2020/06/12 Coding Antepartum Care by Different Provider Groups
2020/06/12 Coding—New Oral Antiemetic Drug Akynzeo®
2020/06/12 Colonoscopy Procedures
2020/06/12 Complete and Accurate Medical Record Documentation and Coding Critical to Patient Care
2020/06/12 Corneal Pachymetry –CPT Code 76514
2020/06/12 Correct Bundling of Urinalysis CPT Codes 81002 and 81003 With Evaluation and Management CPT Codes
2020/06/12 Correct Laterality ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Coding Policy
2020/06/12 Correct Usage of Modifier 25
2020/06/12 Correct Usage of Modifier 50 and Modifiers LT and RT for Bilateral Procedures
2020/06/12 CPT Code 31634 Considered Unproven Technology
2020/06/12 CPT Code 76942 and CPT Code 77002 Bundling Change
2020/06/12 CPT Codes 69209, 69210, G0268
2020/06/12 CPT ICD Diagnosis Code Changes
2020/06/12 Daily Max Units Regardless of Modifier
2020/06/12 Definitive Drug Testing Frequency
2020/06/12 Discontinue Use of CPT Codes Retired January 1, 2012
2020/06/12 Drug Testing and Screening Code Updates
2020/06/12 Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry
2020/06/12 Duplicate Claims from a Non-Physician Practitioner
2020/06/12 Duplicate Initial Observation Service
2020/06/12 Effective Coding of Evaluation and Management Services
2020/06/12 Electroencephalogram
2020/06/12 Emergency Ground Ambulance Destination Modifier
2020/06/12 Evaluation and Management Codes Not Payable to Audiology and Speech Language Pathology Specialties
2020/06/12 Expanded Coverage for Fragile X Syndrome - Prenatal Carrier Testing
2020/06/12 Expanded Coverage for Spinal Muscular Atrophy - Prenatal Carrier Testing
2020/06/12 Extracorporeal Photopheresis (CPT code 36522)
2020/06/12 Frequency of Routine Foot Care
2020/06/12 Fundus Photography
2020/06/12 Gastroenterology Policy
2020/06/12 Global Surgery Reimbursement Policy Concerning an Unplanned Return to the Operating Room; Modifier 78 will receive a 20% Fee Reduction*
2020/06/12 HCPCS code J9357
2020/06/12 HCPCS S2900 Robotic-Assisted Surgery
2020/06/12 HIPPS and Rate Codes for SNF and HHA Claims Required/ Keeping Accurate Documentation and Coding - Critical to Patient Care
2020/06/12 Hospital Discharge Services
2020/06/12 ICD-10-CM Excludes 1 Notes Policy
2020/06/12 ICD-10-CM Secondary Diagnosis Codes
2020/06/12 Important Coding Information with Regard to DME Modifiers
2020/06/12 Limitations to Pain Management Services
2020/06/12 Lung Cancer Screening with Low Dose Computed Tomography Frequency
2020/06/12 Maternity Claims: Multiple Birth Reimbursement
2020/06/12 Moderate (Conscious) Sedation
2020/06/12 Modifier 24 with E/M Services During the Major and Minor Procedures Postoperative Period
2020/06/12 Modifier 25 with Evaluation and Management Services Reported with Procedures
2020/06/12 Modifiers for Services and Procedures During the Postoperative Period
2020/06/12 New ClaimsXten Edits -Effective August 14, 2016
2020/06/12 New ClaimsXten® Edits for Facility-Based Services
2020/06/12 New Reporting Instructions for Colon Cancer Screening Anesthesia Services and New 2018 CPT Code Updates to the EmblemHealth Preventive Care/Screening Services Exempt from Cost-Share
2020/06/12 New York State Medicaid Expansion of Coverage of Group A Streptococcus Testing for Practitioners
2020/06/12 Noninvasive Vascular Diagnostic Studies
2020/06/12 Tumor Antigen by Immunoassay CA 15-3/CA 27.29 – CPT 86300
2020/06/12 Update on Denial of CPT Codes Billed With Bariatric Surgery
2020/06/12 Update to ClaimsXten Software
2020/06/12 Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty and Blepharoptosis Repair
2020/06/12 Use of Modifier 25 and Pulmonary Function Testing
2020/06/12 Use of Modifier 79
2020/06/12 Use of Sequela (7th character "S") Diagnosis Codes
2020/06/12 Using and Documenting CPT Code 99211 Services Correctly
2020/06/12 Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program Update: Fee Schedule Code Revisions
2020/06/10 Reporting Multiple Office Visits and Modifier - 25
2020/06/09 Quality Reporting for MACRA (Reporting only Codes)
2020/06/09 Cytogenetic Studies
2020/03/25 New Outpatient Facility Policy Enhancements
2020/03/18 Coding updates for Medical Policies
2019/10/01 Screening Electrocardiogram for Coronary Disease
2019/10/01 Shingles Vaccination Covered Under Medicare Part D
2019/10/01 Ophthalmic Ultrasound CPT Code 76513
2019/09/29 Pilonidal Cyst and Sinus Procedures
2019/09/29 POA Indicator
2019/09/29 Postpartum Maternal Depression Screening: Updated Billing Guidance
2019/09/29 Proper Coding for Accurate Reimbursement
2019/09/29 Required Use of Occurrence Codes 40 and 41 for Presurgical and Preadmission Testing
2019/09/27 Ocular Blood Flow Testing
2019/09/27 Pain Management -Trigger Point Injections -CPT codes 20552 and 20553
2019/09/13 Pelvic Ring Fractures
2013/07/25 Out of Network Provider Appeal Process for Denied Claims