Ophthalmic Ultrasound CPT Code 76513

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Ophthalmic Ultrasound CPT Code 76513

Date Issued: 3/23/2018

We are providing this updated information based on the recommendation by the American Academy of Opthamology for CPT Code 76513 – Ophthalmic ultrasound, diagnostic; anterior segment ultrasound, immersion (water bath) B-scan or high resolution biomicroscopy.

Effective June 26, 2018, ultrasound biomicroscopy (UBM) (CPT code 76513) is not an appropriate procedure for imaging of the anterior chamber for glaucoma, except when one of the following rarer glaucoma types are present:

  • Anatomical narrow angle (ICD-10 codes: H40.03-H40.039)
  • Aqueous misdirection (ICD-10 codes: H40.83-H40.839)
  • Glaucoma secondary to eye trauma (ICD-10 codes: H40.3- H40.33X4)
  • Primary angle closure glaucoma (ICD-10 codes: H40.2- H40.249)
  • Primary angle closure without glaucoma damage (ICD-10 codes: H40.06- H40.069)