Update Your Practice Records

Your practice information appears in our network dentist directories (including our online Find a Doctor tool) and is used in claims processing. Keeping your information current helps ensure that patients can locate your practice and that we process your claims accurately. Please report updates to your practice information, as instructed below, whenever one of the following occurs:

  • Your practice address changes
  • Your practice phone number changes
  • You need to add or delete a dentist from your practice
  • Your IRS taxpayer identification number (TIN) changes
  • Your National Provider Identifier (NPI) number is assigned

How to report updates to your practice information

For your protection, all changes to your file must be submitted in writing. You may submit changes either by:

  • Mail:

    Dental Professional Relations 
    PO Box 12365 
    Albany, NY 12212-2365

  • Fax: 1-212-615-4953 (downstate) or 1-518-446-0185 (upstate)
  • E-mail: dentalproviders@emblemhealth.com

Note: Accuracy is essential. If any information provided is inaccurate, we may be required to withhold 31 percent from all payments to your account and forward this amount to the IRS. In addition, your practice would be subject to a penalty by the IRS for failure to provide your correct name/TIN combination. To avoid unnecessary withholding, please be sure to contact us when your records require updates.