HCPCS code J9357

Date Issued: 11/12/2018

HCPCS code J9357 (injection, valrubicin, intravesical) should be reported with an appropriate bladder instillation procedure code according to the FDA-approved package insert/prescribing information and the pharmaceutical compendia.

Appropriate bladder instillation procedure codes:

50391 – Instillation(s) of therapeutic agent into renal pelvis and/or ureter through established nephrostomy, pyelostomy, or ureterostomy tube (e.g., anticarcinogenic or antifungal agent).

51720 – Bladder instillation of anticarcinogenic agent (including retention time).

Therefore, J9357 will deny when 50391 or 51720 has not been billed for the same date of service.

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