HCPCS S2900 Robotic-Assisted Surgery

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HCPCS S2900 Robotic-Assisted Surgery

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Robotic Surgery Reimbursement Policy.


Date Issued: 11/29/2011

Submit HCPCS S2900 with the base procedure.
In their claims, surgeons should include HCPCS code S2900* in addition to the main surgical procedure code when they have performed a surgical technique that requires the use of a robotic surgical system.


S2900 is not reimbursable.
According to EmblemHealth's reimbursement policy, the types of instruments, techniques or approaches used are left to the discretion of the surgeon. As such, code S2900 is not separately payable and the physician will not be additionally reimbursedfor this code.


What is robotic-assisted surgery?
Robotic-assisted surgery refers to an emerging technology used to assist the surgeon in controlling the surgical technique. The surgeon generally views the operative field through a terminal and manipulates robotic surgical instruments via a control panel. Views of the surgical site are transmitted from tiny cameras inserted into the body. The use of computers and robotics is intended to enhance dexterity in order to facilitate microscale operations.

*HCPCS Code S2900: Surgical techniques requiring use of robotic surgical system (list separately in addition to code for primary procedure)