Mammography 2017 Coding Update

Date Issued: 12/21/2016

Effective January 1, 2017, in accordance with AMA CPT coding guidelines, existing mammography CPT codes 77055, 77056, 77057 and computer-aided detection (CAD) CPT codes 77051 and 77052 have been deleted. New diagnostic and screening mammography codes have been established to now include computer-aided detection. CPT codes 77067 (screening), 77065 and 77066 (diagnostic) have replaced the deleted codes.


For the 2017 calendar year, CMS has announced that they will operationalize the new coding rules, including adoption of the new code descriptors for CPT codes 77065, 77066 and 77067 through the use of the three current HCPCS codes G0206, G0204 and G0202. As part of this, CMS will be changing the descriptors of the HCPCS codes to match the new CPT codes. The crosswalk is as follows: G0206 to 77065, G0204 to 77066 and G0202 to 77067.

2016 Commercial Coding 2017 Commercial Coding
77055 77065
77056 77066
77057 77067
77051 G0202
77052 G0204
G0202 G0206

2016 Medicare Coding 2017 Medicare Coding
G0202 77065
G0204 77066
G0206 77067
77051 G0202
77052 G0204
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