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Free In-Home Screening Kits for Eligible Plan Medicaid and Medicare Members

EmblemHealth and ConnectiCare have partnered with Quest Diagnostics to provide in-home colorectal cancer and diabetes screening test kits to our eligible Medicaid and Medicare members. This program aims to increase the screening adherence of eligible members and improve health outcomes,

  • Eligible EmblemHealth Medicaid and Medicare members can receive:
    • A fecal occult blood test (FOBT) to screen for colorectal cancer, free of charge.
  • Eligible ConnectiCare Medicare members can receive:
    • FOBT for colorectal cancer and/or
    • The A1C test for diabetes, free of charge.

FOBT kit eligibility:

Medicare and Medicaid members who were identified with a gap in care for colorectal cancer screening and who meet certain other criteria (e.g., utilization of an FOBT or FIT DNA test in the past and members who have never had a screening for colorectal cancer). Medicare members who have registered for EmblemHealth’s Medicare member rewards program are also eligible.

Members may receive a kit mailed directly to them with instructions and a pre-paid postage envelope to return the kit, or a letter with instructions on how they can order a test kit directly from Quest.

A1c test kit eligibility:

ConnectiCare Medicare members who have been identified as diabetic and as having a gap in care for HbA1c testing will receive an A1c test kit with instructions and a pre-paid postage envelope to return the kit.

If you have patients that receive and complete one or both in-home screening kits, please be aware:

  • Test results within the normal range will be mailed to the member’s attributed primary care provider to add to their medical record and provide any necessary follow-up.
  • Abnormal test results will be mailed via certified letter to the member’s attributed primary care provider.
    • The member can receive negative results through the Quest portal and mail (letter). For positive results, Quest will attempt to reach the member via telephone three times. If they are unable to reach the member, they will mail a certified letter.

Please direct any questions about your patients’ test results to Quest by calling 855-623-9355.

If you have any additional questions concerning this program, please email

04/2022 JP 57649