Preauthorization Requirement Changes Starting April 1, 2023

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Preauthorization Requirement Changes Starting April 1, 2023

Date Posted: April 28, 2023


The following tables show the standard quarterly code updates to the EmblemHealth Preauthorization List starting April 1, 2023. These changes do not reflect new services requiring preauthorization, only updates to the coding and descriptions.

The following new codes have been added to our preauthorization list.

Codes Added to Preauthorization List Starting April 1, 2023



CPT Code Description


Oncology (hematolymphoid neoplasm), genomic sequence analysis using multiplex (PCR) and next-generation sequencing with algorithm, quantification of dominant clonal sequence(s), reported as presence or absence of minimal residual disease (MRD) with quantitation of disease burden, when appropriate.


Oncology (colorectal cancer); evaluation for mutations of APC, BRAF, CTNNB1, KRAS, NRAS, PIK3CA, SMAD4, and TP53 and methylation markers (MYO1G, KCNQ5, C9ORF50, FLI1, CLIP4, ZNF132 and TWIST1); multiplex quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR); circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA); plasma; report of risk score for advanced adenoma or colorectal cancer.


Targeted genomic sequence analysis panel, solid organ neoplasm, DNA (523 genes) and RNA (55 genes) by next-generation sequencing, interrogation for sequence variants, gene copy number amplifications, gene rearrangements, microsatellite instability, and tumor mutational burden.


Drug metabolism (adverse drug reactions and drug response), targeted sequence analysis, 20 gene variants and CYP2D6 deletion or duplication analysis with reported genotype and phenotype.


Gastroenterology (Barrett’s esophagus), P16, RUNX3, HPP1, and FBN1 methylation analysis, prognostic and predictive algorithm reported as a risk score for progression to high-grade dysplasia or esophageal cancer.



The following code description was revised.

Revised Code Description on Preauthorization List Starting April 1, 2023



CPT Code Description



Home injectable therapy, palivizumab or other monoclonal antibody for rsv, including administrative services, professional pharmacy services, care coordination, and all necessary supplies and equipment (drugs and nursing visits coded separately), per diem.