Save Time by Using Our New Provider Portal

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Save Time by Using Our New Provider Portal


Our new provider portal offers busy provider offices some time-saving benefits:

  • Clinical reviews made simpler. Rather than sending a request by phone, and then needing to fax or mail clinical records later, you can now attach these records on the portal when you file the request. If you don’t have the records available at that time, you can come back and attach them later; saving yourself time and effort.

Note: You only need to submit a preauthorization request once using the portal, phone, or fax. Avoid duplicate submissions. Going forward, once you’ve submitted the request via the portal, phone calls and faxes become unnecessary.

·      Less time on the phone, means more time for you: Your time is valuable, so why spend that time waiting on the phone? Plus, there’s no phone trees to navigate.

·      No wonky faxes: Poor fax quality can delay your request and require phone calls and staff time to resolve. Attaching a file through the portal can avoid this. Plus, a portal request is immediately placed in the right queue so we can begin the review sooner.

·      New features for ConnectiCare providers: Our providers in Connecticut can now take advantage of portal features that were available to EmblemHealth providers for many years including submitting and searching for authorization requests, and instant site of service approvals.


Here are some time-savers for hospital staff:


·      Convenient ER admission and newborn notifications: No more need to call or fax; these transactions can now be done online for all our members. Hospitals can now notify us on the portal – for all EmblemHealth and ConnectiCare managed members – up to 60 days after an admission.

·      Submit Post-Acute Care requests:  You can now make requests on behalf of other providers if you are working on discharge planning requests such as skilled nursing facilities (SNF), long-term acute care health (LTACH), inpatient rehabilitation facility (IRF), home health care (HHC), durable medical equipment (DME) and ambulance services.

We encourage you to turn away from the old ways of doing business and saving your practice both time and administrative expense by moving your transactions to our new portal. If you want to know more, including how to set up your account, manage transactions, and get your job done faster, check out these resources (EmblemHealth | ConnectiCare).

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