Medicaid Expansion of Non-Invasive Prenatal Trisomy Screening

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Medicaid Expansion of Non-Invasive Prenatal Trisomy Screening

Effective Nov. 1, 2021 for Medicaid and Health and Recovery Plan (HARP) members, coverage of non-invasive prenatal trisomy screening using cell-free fetal DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) will be expanded to include pregnant members age 30 and older. Additionally, this coverage now includes twin pregnancies, but not higher multi-gestational pregnancies. Consistent with current policy, non-invasive prenatal trisomy screening will continue to be covered when at least one of the following criteria is met:

  • Either parent has a family history of aneuploidy in a 1st* or 2nd** degree relative.
  • Standard serum screening or fetal ultrasonographic findings indicate an increased risk of aneuploidy.
  • Parent(s) have a history of a previous pregnancy with a trisomy.
  • Either parent is known to have a Robertsonian translocation.

   * 1st degree relatives: Parents, children, siblings

** 2nd degree relatives: Grandparents, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, and grandchildren

For more information, including six reminders, providers can refer to the August 2021 issue of New York State Medicaid Update.

Note: This is an update to the October 2014 Medicaid Update article titled NYS Medicaid Now Covers Non-invasive Prenatal Testing for Trisomy 21, 18 and 13.



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