Free Veradigm Webinars for Patient Management and ICD-10 Coding

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Free Veradigm Webinars for Patient Management and ICD-10 Coding

We Invite You to Free Veradigm Webinars for Patient Management and ICD-10 Coding.

Veradigm hosts free 60-minute monthly webinars you can attend to help with your documentation of patient management and ICD-10 coding. We encourage you and your staff to attend these webinars.

Webinar Training Information

Upcoming 2023 webinars:

  • Mar 28/30 - The Ultimate Guide to Documentation and Coding
  • Apr 25/27 - Don’t Be Fooled . . . Social Determinants of Health are Key Factors for Your Patient Population
  • May 23/25 - Blooming into the Comprehensive Evaluation of Neurological Disorders
  • Jun 27/29 - Incorporating Wellness…Evaluating Substance Use, Chronic Pain, and Behavioral Health
  • Jul 25/27 - Feed Your Knowledge of the Most Common Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • Aug 29/31 - Control Your Knowledge Related to Diabetes and Associated Conditions
  • Sep 26/28 - Accurate Documentation and Coding for CKD and Associated Manifestations
  • Oct 24/26 - The Heart of the Matter…Proper Documentation and Coding for Cardiovascular Disease
  • Nov 28/30 - Getting to the Cellular Level of Coding for Cancer and Hematological Conditions
  • Dec 19/21 - What’s in the Air? Updates to Coding and Documentation for Respiratory Disorders

How to Register: Click the Registration button below. After clicking on ‘Register’ button, click the ‘Public Event List’ link and search by webinar date or title.


If you have any questions, or you would like to set up a private session for your practice, please email Veradigm at or call Veradigm's Customer Support team at 410-928-4218, option 7. Their hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday.