Prescribing eHealth Initiative Best Practices and Guidance

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Prescribing eHealth Initiative Best Practices and Guidance

  • Best Practices & Lessons Learned Related to Electronic Prescribing

    Overview of the e-prescribing process as well as an overview of best practices and lessons learned in the following areas: leadership, planning and selection, product capabilities and integration, workflow and change management, communications,deployment and effective use, and training and support.
  • A Consumer's Guide To E-Prescribing

    Understanding the benefits of e-prescribing, how it works and what you can do.
  • Electronic Prescribing - Becoming Mainstream Practice

    A collaborative report from the eHealth Initiative and The Center for Improving Medication Management.
  • A Clinician's Guide To Electronic Prescribing:

    Practices new to e-prescribing and who want an overview of what it is and Practices that are ready to move forward with implementing e-prescribing and already have a good grasp of the fundamentals provided in Section I of the guide.