Reminder: Keep Your Directory Data Current

To make sure our members can find you, keep your EmblemHealth listing updated. We make it easy to update your information. You can:

  • Review the information we have on file for you by going to your Profile. You can make changes directly to your account.
  • Send us updates by sending a fax to our Provider Modifications Team at
  • Fill out the form below. Exception: If you work for an organization that credentials its own clinicians, please ask your administrator to make changes for you. Your updates cannot be processed if submitted directly to EmblemHealth.

Keeping your information current ensures that we can process claims, send you important information, and keep our directories current. Thank you for partnering with us to care for our members.

Provider Practice Directory Updates

Updates submitted by

This form will only be processed for clinicians who are not part of an organization that credentials its own providers.


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