New Authorization Process for Fertility Prescriptions for City of NY

We are happy to announce WINFertility (WIN) and Freedom Fertility Pharmacy (Freedom) are working together to streamline the authorization of fertility prescriptions for our City of New York CBP Plan members.

Your practice is already aware that authorization for medical infertility services, including artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization, is currently managed by WIN. Effective Aug. 7, 2020, WIN will also manage the pharmacy authorizations for all fertility medications on the PICA Formulary, the prescription drug benefit program for the City of New York.

This change means you no longer need to contact Express Scripts for your patients’ medication needs. Medications will continue to be fulfilled by Freedom, meaning your patients should see no change to their experience. To request authorization for infertility services and fertility prescriptions, please contact WIN at 833-439-1515.