Provider Portal Pilot Questions & Answers

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Provider Portal Pilot Questions & Answers


The Pilot is an opportunity to test the live system and see if any issues exist or improvements are needed before it is fully launched for the larger provider community.

Your role is crucial during this Pilot. You will be performing your everyday activities using the live system and we encourage you to provide your feedback to us through your manager or primary contact.

Site Access

If you have multiple accounts in the current provider portal, you can follow the same steps as above for each of your accounts. If you provide the same email address each time, the process will let you consolidate access into a single user account on the new portal.

No, you will no longer be able to go back to use the provider portal you use today. We think you won’t want to when you have the chance to use our new portals.


Yes, you will receive training. Please be on the lookout soon for your training invite. It will have more details.

Training is mandatory and will be a maximum of one hour. If needed, additional training sessions can be provided. Training materials will also be provided for future reference.

There will be Quick Reference Guides for help. They will coach you through key tasks on the portal.

Please reach out to your Provider’s Primary Contact listed in your Pilot training invite email.

Yes, you will be able to set user preferences to further customize the portal for your needs.


Please reach out to Provider Customer Service at 866-447-9717.