Care Management Programs


EmblemHealth Care Management programs’ overarching goal is to help patients with chronic or complex conditions manage and improve their health. To achieve that aim, our Care Management programs are designed to:

  • Increase member satisfaction
  • Encourage patient engagement
  • Promote more primary care/preventive care visits
  • Reduce the use of acute care services, including hospitalization
  • Reduce duplication of services and streamline care coordination
  • Assist providers in meeting quality goals

Below, please find a list of our Care Management programs and individual printable pdf program descriptions.


C back to top Download (PDF)
Care for the Older Adult Program
Download (PDF)
Complex Case Management Program
Download (PDF)
E back to top Download (PDF)
EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care Download (PDF)
H back to top Download (PDF)
Health Home Program Download (PDF)
Healthy Futures Program Download (PDF)
HIV/AIDS Program Download (PDF)
K back to top Download (PDF)
Kidney Care Companion Program Download (PDF)
L back to top Download (PDF)
Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) Program Download (PDF)
M back to top Download (PDF)
Medically Fragile Program Download (PDF)
Medication Therapy Management Program Download (PDF)
Member Rewards Program Download (PDF)
N back to top Download (PDF)
NICU Aftercare Program Download (PDF)
P back to top Download (PDF)
Private Duty Nursing Program Download (PDF)
S back to top Download (PDF)
Special Needs Program (SNP) Download (PDF)
Tback to top Download (PDF)
Transitions of Care Program Download (PDF)
Transplant Program Download (PDF)