Care/Case Management Programs

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Care/Case Management Programs


EmblemHealth Care/Case Management programs’ overarching goal is to help patients with chronic or complex conditions manage and improve their health. To achieve that aim, our Care/Case Management programs are designed to:

  • Increase member satisfaction
  • Encourage patient engagement
  • Promote more primary care/preventive care visits
  • Reduce the use of acute care services, including hospitalization
  • Reduce duplication of services and streamline care coordination
  • Assist providers in meeting quality goals

Below, please find a list of our Care/Case Management programs and individual printable PDF program descriptions.


C back to top Download (PDF)
Care for the Older Adult Program
Download (PDF)
Complex Case Management Program
Download (PDF)
E back to top Download (PDF)
EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care Download (PDF)
H back to top Download (PDF)
Health Home Program Download (PDF)
Healthy Futures Program Download (PDF)
HIV/AIDS Program Download (PDF)
K back to top Download (PDF)
Kidney Care Companion Program Download (PDF)
L back to top Download (PDF)
Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) Program Download (PDF)
M back to top Download (PDF)
Medically Fragile Program Download (PDF)
Medication Therapy Management Program Download (PDF)
N back to top Download (PDF)
NICU Aftercare Program Download (PDF)
P back to top Download (PDF)
Private Duty Nursing Program Download (PDF)
S back to top Download (PDF)
Special Needs Program (SNP) Download (PDF)
Tback to top Download (PDF)
Transitions of Care Program Download (PDF)
Transplant Program Download (PDF)