PNC Remittance Advantage: Electronic Funds Transfer and Remittance Advice (EFT-ERA)

We are pleased to offer the PNC Remittance Advantage solution to help you efficiently manage your practice. This solution is available at no cost to you and allows you to reduce payment processing costs and improve cash flow.

With PNC Remittance Advantage you can receive direct deposits to your bank account(s) (EFT) and view or download your remittances online (ERA). Electronic transactions are fast, convenient and reduce the risk of lost or stolen payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of direct deposits and electronic remittance advice?

  • Transfer funds directly to your bank account, improving cash flow
  • Match payments to remittances quickly and easily
  • Import files directly into your practice management system, eliminating the need for manual keying
  • View remittances online and print if needed
  • Use multiple bank accounts if desired
  • Manage payments from multiple insurance companies
  • Security features to control each user's access
  • Convenient search and reporting tools

How do I enroll?

Web registration is simple. Just have available a recent EmblemHealth Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and your bank account information, and then go to PNC Remittance Advantage. From the PNC webpage, click on the “Register for Portal and Online Payment Services” link on the upper left side of your screen and follow the instructions for enrollment. If you need help with the registration process, please call the PNC Remittance Advantage Help Line, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm at 1-877-597-5489, option 1.

We are migrating our existing electronic funds transfer (EFT) program to PNC Remittance Advantage. Signing up for the CAQH-compliant Remittance Advantage program is easy. Follow the instructions for enrolling found here. Once enrolled in Remittance Advantage, your organization will automatically be disenrolled from our existing EFT service.

Payments made in the last 18 months, under the existing EFT program, can be found by signing in to the EmblemHealth website. Your claims payment history may be located by selecting “Claims/Checks” from the left navigation bar and following the prompts.

How often will I receive direct deposit payments?

Electronic payments are usually made every weekday. To view the EFT Schedule for holidays or other exceptions, please sign in to PNC Remittance Advantage after enrolling. Select “EFT Schedule” from the EmblemHealth menu on the left side of your screen.

Will I still receive my paper EOB or remittance advice by mail?

The mailing of paper remittances will discontinue upon enrollment in PNC Remittance Advantage. Once registered with PNC, you will have the capability to view or download and print your remittance/EOB online via the PNC Remittance Advantage website. PNC will archive ten years of electronic remittance advisories.

How do I use HIPAA Adjustment and Remark Codes?

Due to HIPAA regulations, insurance payers can no longer send proprietary codes in most electronic transactions.

You will see HIPAA-compliant Adjustment and Remark codes on the bottom of your EOBs at PNC Remittance Advantage. Below is an image detailing the bottom section of one EOB. You can see the codes both on the right end of the service line detail and at the bottom of the EOB.

For a complete listing of the Adjustment and Remark codes and their descriptions, please visit the Washington Publishing website or the CAQH CORE CARC/RARC/CAGC Code Combinations webpage.

EFT Code

Where do I get help if I need it?

For help with registering or using the PNC Remittance Advantage website, please call the PNC Remittance Advantage Help Line at 1-877-597-5489, option 1, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm.

Want to learn more?

Please read the fact sheet Introducing PNC Remittance Advantage. webcasts are also available to train your practice or facility staff. After signing in to PNC Remittance Advantage, go to the Training Schedule on the upper left side of your screen in the General Information section and select a date or email to register for a webcast.

PNC Remittance Advantage is controlled and operated by PNC Bank, not EmblemHealth. As such, neither EmblemHealth nor its suppliers or vendors are responsible or liable for any claims, loss or damage directly or indirectly resulting from your use of PNC Remittance Advantage or the information or resources contained on or accessible through this electronic transaction service. Access to this service is provided as a convenience to you and your practice and registration is strictly voluntary on your part. You access and use this service solely at your own risk.

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