Fax Lines To Be Disconnected May 2024

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Fax Lines To Be Disconnected May 2024


Out With the Old: Fax Lines To Be Disconnected In 2024

As we have shared over the last year, our provider portals have been enhanced to identify and intake critical information needed to support faster decision making, along with securely accepting larger files to facilitate preauthorizations and concurrent reviews.

The health care industry has a multi-decade history of sending documents by fax. But times have changed and there are faster, more efficient, and more secure ways to share information. Therefore, starting May 1, 2024, we plan to disconnect the fax lines currently in use for preauthorization requests and concurrent reviews.

Those who are currently submitting documents by fax will receive an automatic response to each fax. View an example here. These messages ask that future requests and supporting documentation be sent using the portal and include instructions for obtaining a portal account.

We appreciate your continued support as we work to modernize our systems and improve member and provider experience.


Other Technology Updates

Phone System Now Asks for NPI Not TIN

Our integrated voice response (IVR) systems were recently updated to request the caller’s National Provider Identifier (NPI) rather than their Tax Identification Number (TIN). This will help us better identify our callers and the type of assistance they need.

Please note that the IVR offers self-service options as an alternative to our provider portals. You may check member eligibility and benefits plus the status of a claim, preauthorization, or referral.

JP 64134 12/2023

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