Provider Portal – A New Approach to Customer Service

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Provider Portal – A New Approach to Customer Service


Getting Help With Portal Account Setup
Setting up new users and managing portal accounts is the responsibility of your provider portal administrator/office manager (administrator) and their designees. There are situations, however, when you will need assistance. We created a new Provider Portal Account Request form to help when:

  • Someone doesn’t know who within their organization can set up a portal account.
  • A new tax identification number (TIN) needs a new master account.
  • The designated administrator left the organization without setting up a replacement.
  • A user account already exists and a TIN for a different, unrelated practice, facility, agency, etc., needs to be added to their existing account.
  • The encrypted form can be found on (EmblemHealth| ConnectiCare). The data is stored in a HIPAA-compliant database.

Customer Service for Billing Companies

As shared in the August edition of Office Visit, starting Oct. 1, 2023, we require third-party billing companies to use our provider portal before calling us. We find that in most cases, the answers to billing company questions are readily available on our provider portal. When the information is not there, the issue is generally more complex and requires thoughtful research to determine the correct response.


Billers can start a dialog with Provider Customer Service by looking up a specific claim and asking a question. Or, they can download a custom report to isolate a set of claims they want to address. Once the dialog is opened, they can use the Message ID and Conversation ID in the Message Center to continue the conversation.


Please share these web pages with your billers so they can see the best way to use the portal to work with us:

If you are working with a new billing company that has established accounts for our portals, they can use the new Provider Portal Account Request form (EmblemHealth | ConnectiCare)  so we can assist in linking your TIN to their existing account. Otherwise, the administrator for your organization can create new accounts for your billers only if they are using email addresses that have never been registered before. This new form may also be used when someone in a large organization needs help finding their administrator.


While it may seem counterintuitive to move from a phone call to a message exchange, we believe it will enable us to get to quicker, better resolutions in the long run. In the event a phone call is really needed, the biller will be asked to provide the Message ID from the portal so the Customer Service representative can quickly get to the open dialog.

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