Project TEACH Maternal Mental Health Services

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Project TEACH Maternal Mental Health Services

Project TEACH (Training and Education for the Advancement of Children's Health) is a statewide program that supports reproductive, primary care, and pediatric clinicians to deliver quality mental health care in New York State (NYS). This program strives to strengthen and support the delivery of care to children, families, and individuals who experience mental health concerns during the perinatal period.


Project TEACH maternal mental health resources address maternal depression and related mood and anxiety disorders, which are increasingly prevalent and can have serious impacts on parents and their children. If concerns are identified and treated early, health outcomes are improved. Additional information can be found at Project TEACH Maternal Mental Health.


Phone Consultation Services
Maternal health, primary care, pediatric, and psychiatric providers can receive reproductive and/or child psychiatry consultation support by phone. Providers can speak to a reproductive or child psychiatrist immediately, within 30 minutes, or schedule a consultation. Additional information on Project TEACH consultation services can be found at Project TEACH Real Time Consultations. Providers can call phone consultation services at 855-227-7272, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Training and Education
Two in-person (or live, virtual) half-day intensive trainings are offered annually for maternal health providers which include a minimum of three one-hour follow-up sessions to provide case-based learning. Additionally, there are three web-based trainings offered annually, which are archived on Project TEACH Courses. Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits are offered for all live trainings and most archived events.

To view the January 2023 webinar regarding perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, providers can visit the NYS Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) in Pregnancy & Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) Project Coaching Call Webinar. In this webinar, maternal health clinicians learn how to utilize Project TEACH for cases in which perinatal mental health issues are present, how to reach real-time phone consultation services with a perinatal psychiatrist, receive no-cost CME in perinatal mental health screening/diagnosis and treatment, and obtain linkages/referrals for their perinatal patients.

Screening Tools
The Project TEACH Maternal Clinical Rating Scales offer clinical rating scales that can assist providers with screening, diagnosis, and treatment monitoring.

Project TEACH partners with local mental health providers, psychiatrists, and support services. Liaison coordinators and consultants help to connect individuals who need specialty mental health care with resources in their community. This could include clinic treatment, care management, or family support. Additional information can be found at Project TEACH Referrals.