Formulary Search

New Formulary Search Tool: When you receive a new member ID card for your plan’s renewal after April 22, 2021, it will have a four-digit formulary ID number on the front. Use this number in the search tool above to find your plan’s formulary. Your formulary or drug list is a list of the drugs that are prescribed most often for the members that use your plan. Your formulary tells you what drugs are covered by your plan and how much you will pay for them.

Disclaimer: Always check your Contract or Certificate of Coverage for your exact plan details. A drug being listed in your formulary is not a guarantee that we will pay for it. Some drugs may need approval (prior authorization) before we pay. For some drugs, we will only pay for certain doses and/or strengths. The drugs on this list may change based on a decision by EmblemHealth. As new generic drugs become available, the brand-name version will no longer be a preferred choice. Check your benefits for copay and other requirements you may have under your plan. If you have questions, please call the Customer Service number on your member ID card.