Tools to Help You Manage Your Health

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Tools to Help You Manage Your Health

Along with going to your doctor for your annual wellness visit, it's also important to manage your health at home as well. Sometimes you need a little support and EmblemHealth's online tools can help make it easier to take care of you and your family.

Start your Health Assessment

Let us be your Compass. We can help guide you on your journey to better health. This interactive questionnaire provides a snapshot of your health as well as suggestions for maintaining and improving it. The Health Assessment (HA) is available for adults only.

You will receive a personalized online report as well as recommendations for addressing current medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, and for reducing risk factors that may lead to more significant medical problems. You can even print out a report to share with your doctor(s).

  • Assess your health
  • Sign up for health programs
  • Track your vitals and medical history
  • Find contact information for your doctor

Personal Health Records and Insights

At EmblemHealth we work with you to develop a customized picture of your health, to help you stay fit and enhance your quality of life.  We'll help you keep track of your health records, get personalized care guidelines and health screening reminders. 

Log in to myEmblemHealth to start your Health Assessment, access your health records and more.