Talk to Doctors Anytime

EmblemHealth is excited to offer Telemedicine online virtual office visits — a benefit with the convenience of seeing a doctor anytime, day or night, by using a computer, mobile device, or phone.

If Telemedicine is included in your plan, enroll today! Check your member contract or subscriber certificate for details.

Important! Telemedicine is in-network care, but it doesn’t replace the care of your primary doctor. Only your doctor can provide the full range of care to meet your health needs.

Eligibility for Telemedicine

You are covered for Telemedicine if you have one of the following EmblemHealth plans:

  • EmblemHealth’s individual and family health plans (both on and off the NY State of Health marketplace, including the Essential Plans)
    • Select Care Platinum
    • Select Care Gold
    • Select Care Gold Value
    • Select Care Silver
    • Select Care Silver Value
    • Select Care Bronze
    • Select Care Basic
    • Essential Plan
  • EmblemHealth’s small business health HMO plans
    • EmblemHealth Gold Value
    • EmblemHealth Silver Value
    • EmblemHealth Bronze Value
    • EmblemHealth Bronze Plus HSA
    • EmblemHealth Platinum Choice
    • EmblemHealth Platinum Premier (formerly EH HMO 15 / 35)
    • EmblemHealth Gold Plus (formerly EH HMO 40 / 60)
    • EmblemHealth Gold Premier (formerly Gold Open Access)
    • EmblemHealth Gold Premier 1
    • EmblemHealth Gold Plus 1
    • EmblemHealth Gold Choice
    • EmblemHealth Healthy NY Gold
    • EmblemHealth Silver Choice
    • EmblemHealth Silver Plus 1
    • EmblemHealth Silver Plus
    • EmblemHealth Silver Premier
    • EmblemHealth Silver Premier 1
  • EmblemHealth’s large group employer / business health plans
    • Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB)
    • EmblemHealth Plus HMO
    • EmblemHealth Preferred Plus HMO
    • EmblemHealth Value EPO

Not sure of your plan type?
Call the number on the back of your member ID card.

How Telemedicine Works

Any time of day, 365 days a year, you can use a computer, mobile device, or phone to get unlimited, non-urgent medical care:

  • Talk with doctors in primary care, family medicine, and more.
  • They can review your history, answer your questions, diagnose and treat medical conditions, and prescribe certain medicines.

When I Would Use Telemedicine

  • I feel sick and don't want to leave home.
  • My doctor isn't available.
  • I have a busy schedule.
  • I just moved and don’t know local doctors.
  • I’m out of town and need a doctor's advice.

When I Wouldn't Use Telemedicine

  • I need emergency care.
  • I need a biometric screening, such as a BMI (body mass index) or blood pressure check.
  • My care requires a review of my health records or x-rays.

Register Today!

If you're eligible, follow these steps to register for Telemedicine:

  1. Register: 
    • Create an account, or
    • Download the Teladoc app for iOS or Android, or
    • Call 800-TELA-DOC (800-835-2362).
    When your register, be sure to provide your member ID number.
  2. Set up: Enter your information and complete your medical history.
  3. Request a visit: An online doctor is now just a call or click away.


Call the EmblemHealth Customer Service number on the back of your member ID card. Our hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Friday. A Customer Service representative will be happy to help.