EmblemHealth Introduces American Well Telehealth Services, Offering 24/7 Access to Physician Care

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EmblemHealth Introduces American Well Telehealth Services, Offering 24/7 Access to Physician Care

EmblemHealth Introduces American Well Telehealth Services


New Member Benefit at the Forefront of Health Care Technology


New York (Oct. 21, 2014) — As part of its eHealth initiative to help consumers stay healthy with innovative, technology-enabled tools, EmblemHealth announces the latest advancement in health care access: a new telehealth benefit.

Telehealth, offered through American Well's Amwell service, provides EmblemHealth members the convenience of talking to a doctor anytime, day or night, using their computer, mobile device, or phone.

Starting January 1, 2015, EmblemHealth's individual and small group members will have access to virtual doctor visits through American Well by downloading the free Amwell app or visiting the EmblemHealth website. This new benefit will allow members to create an account, log in, review all the virtual doctors available, and instantly connect for a non-emergency medical consultation. They can then choose an immediate private consult via video or voice. Doctors will be able to review the patient's history, answer questions, diagnose and treat medical conditions, and write and send prescriptions to the patient's preferred pharmacy. All of this happens in real time, 24/7, whenever or wherever the patient needs care.

Members can even talk to a registered dietician, who can review nutrition information and create personalized meal plans, grocery lists and recipes to help keep the member in optimum health.

"EmblemHealth has always provided our members with the latest technological advances in health care delivery – from our NurseHotline and disease management and lifestyle programs to online personal health records, health plan comparison tool and treatment cost calculator," said Charlene Maher, EmblemHealth Chief Marketing Officer. "The telehealth benefit is the natural progression of these consumer tools. Now, for the first time, our members can enjoy virtual alternatives to doctor's office visits, and receive convenient and appropriate levels of care."

While working with EmblemHealth to bring this benefit to their members, the team at American Well was impressed with the company's longstanding commitment to care for New Yorkers. Ido Schoenberg, MD, Chairman and CEO of American Well, said: "EmblemHealth has always been an integral part of the New York community. New Yorkers are busy people who don't always have time for a traditional doctor visit. American Well enables EmblemHealth to bring the doctor to the member whenever care is needed, either at home, at work, even on vacation. It's been a great pleasure partnering with EmblemHealth to bring this new, more convenient care choice to members."

The telehealth benefit is included in EmblemHealth's 2015 individual and family health plans, as well as the company's small business plans. The benefit is available as both a web application and an iOS or Android app for mobile devices (search for Amwell in the App Store). For more information about EmblemHealth's telehealth benefit, visit emblemhealth.com/telehealth.



About EmblemHealth

EmblemHealth, Inc. provides quality health care coverage and administrative services to approximately 3.4 million people. Groups and individuals can choose from a variety of PPO, EPO and HMO plans, as well as coverage for prescription drugs and dental and vision care. EmblemHealth offers a choice of networks, including quality doctors and other health care professionals throughout the region, leading acute care hospitals across the tristate area, and physicians and hospitals across all 50 states. For more information, visit www.emblemhealth.com.


About American Well

American Well is a telehealth services company that brings healthcare into the homes and workplaces of patients. The Company's web and mobile telehealth platform connects patients and clinicians for live, clinically meaningful visits through video, supplemented by secure text chat and phone. American Well and Amwell are trademarks of American Well Corporation in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks used are the property of their respective owners. For more information, visit www.americanwell.com.


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