Data Security Policy

We strive to afford our customers with easy means of viewing claims data over the Internet; access is provided to a member’s own claims information only, at their request. Members are required to logon with username/password in order to access their claim data over SSL (or secure) connection. The Web sites physical and application architecture and/or operation is compliant to HIPAA security requirements, including Intrusion Detection system (or IDS) monitoring network traffic to the Web site.

Session cookies are configured to ensure that no personally identifiable information is collected from your computer. The session cookie is obsolete as soon as your session is over. When you use our Member Online Services or Provider Online Services to view your health care transactions, the data that you view is encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. If you configure your browser so that it does not accept session cookies, you will not be able to access our Member Online Services or Provider Online Services.