Anthony L. Watson Retires as Chairman and CEO of EmblemHealth

Anthony L Watson Retires as Chairman and CEO of EmblemHealth


NEW YORK, NY (May 15, 2013) — EmblemHealth Chairman and CEO Anthony L. Watson today announced his retirement, effective May 31, 2013, after 28 years with EmblemHealth. Mr. Watson has been Chairman and CEO of EmblemHealth and Mr. Branchini serves as President and COO of EmblemHealth.

Mr. Watson has been an influential leader in shaping the landscape of health care in New York for the past forty years. He retires with the company in a strong financial and operating position, prepared for the changes that will result from health care reform. The company has also been an innovator in care delivery through the resurgence of the medical groups and the creation of AdvantageCare Physicians. Mr. Watson emphasized the strong, long-term partnership with EmblemHealth President & COO Frank J. Branchini and their joint commitment to improve access to quality care for the people of New York.

The election of Mr. Branchini as Chairman and CEO and Mr. Dan Finke as President and COO will be confirmed at the EmblemHealth annual board meeting on May 22, 2013.

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