EmblemHealth Reaffirms Commitment to Physician Group Practices by Supporting Preferred Health Partners' Patient-Centered Medical Home Expansion

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EmblemHealth Reaffirms Commitment to Physician Group Practices by Supporting Preferred Health Partners' Patient-Centered Medical Home Expansion

EmblemHealth Reaffirms Commitment to Physician Group Practices


NEW YORK CITY (May 2, 2012) — Building on its 50-year commitment to physician groups and its ongoing efforts to improve health outcomes for its members, EmblemHealth will provide an array of services, including personnel and technology to support the expansion of the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) program at Preferred Health Partners, one of Brooklyn's largest multi-specialty groups.

Interventions supported by EmblemHealth, which provides health insurance through its companiy EmblemHealth, resulted in Preferred Health Partners receiving the highest level of recognition as a level three PCMH for all of its nine offices from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

"We are proud to support Preferred Health Partners' Patient-Centered Medical Home model," says William Gillespie, MD, Chief Medical Officer for EmblemHealth. "We strongly believe this model of care will result in better patient outcomes, and create meaningful partnerships among physicians, patients and their families."

The goal of a Patient-Centered Medical Home is to foster a collaborative partnership between the patient, their personal physician, and when appropriate, the patient's family. Patients actively participate in their own care, and treatment is coordinated through a primary care physician who leads a team that includes a registered nurse, a licensed practical nurse and a medical assistant. The team takes collective responsibility for coordinating preventive services, acute and chronic care, and end-of-life care for each patient — across care settings and over time — in consultation and collaboration with the patient and family. Explaining the role of specialists, suggesting appropriate and compassionate treatment options, answering questions about illnesses, and coordinating the care ordered by specialists are cornerstones of the PCMH.

"Faced with the reality of a rapidly changing healthcare environment, we are fortunate to have the strong backing of EmblemHealth" said Lesly Kernisant, MD, Executive Chairman of Preferred Health Partners, P.C. "In particular, Brooklyn, with its demographic shift and the lingering effect of well documented healthcare disparities, is a borough with the toughest institutional healthcare challenges for medical providers."

"By nurturing such a close relationship with EmblemHealth, a company with half-century of experience in healthcare, we definitely have a competitive edge over our more resource-constrained competitors. Our Patient-Centered Medical Home initiative is driven by the present market dynamics. It is a part of the new care continuum approach that ultimately will translate into good quality care to the residents of Brooklyn."

As an incentive, Preferred Health Partners will receive additional compensation from EmblemHealth based on adherence to program guidelines and overall patient results. Its physicians are encouraged to communicate directly with members and their families about the program, and to jointly work together to reach their disease management goals.

The Patient-Centered Medical Home model is based upon the principles advanced by the four primary care physician groups — the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the American College of Physicians (ACP), and the American Osteopathic Association (AOA). According to the NCQA, this increasingly popular delivery system innovation will lead to safer, higher quality of care, more empowered patients and a renewal of the patient-provider relationship.

About EmblemHealth
EmblemHealth, Inc. provides quality health care coverage and administrative services to approximately 2.8 million people. Groups and individuals can choose from a variety of PPO, EPO and HMO plans, as well as coverage for prescription drugs and dental and vision care. We offer a choice of networks, including quality doctors and other health care professionals throughout the region, leading acute care hospitals across the tristate area, and physicians and hospitals across all 50 states.

About Preferred Health Partners
Preferred Health Partners is one of the largest multi-specialty groups in Brooklyn with eight medical offices conveniently located throughout the Borough of Brooklyn. Preferred Health Partners has more than 180 multilingual board certified primary care physicians and specialists serving the diverse population of Brooklyn with the highest quality of service and health care in Brooklyn. Preferred Health Partners also accepts most major insurances. For more information, visit www.brooklyndocs.com.

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