Our Story

We believe in health care for all of us.

EmblemHealth is one of the nation’s largest not-for-profit health insurers, serving over three million people in New York City and the tristate area.

We started back in the 1930s -- at the height of the Great Depression. Out of hard times, the idea of health insurance was born: a system that would protect everyday people from financial misfortune if they had an accident or illness.

Two companies from those early days of health insurance, Group Health Incorporated (GHI) and Health Insurance Plan of Greater New York (HIP), would later merge and become EmblemHealth. And after 80 years, our purpose as a not-for-profit is still the same: to provide quality, affordable health insurance for moms and dads, for kids and retirees, for small offices and big businesses, for teachers, firefighters and city workers…for all of us.

We’re changing how health care is delivered.

Today, health care is more complex than ever. EmblemHealth is at the forefront of change, finding new ways to deliver quality care at affordable prices.

As a leader in value-based care, we believe that care should be about quality, instead of quantity. That’s why we work with your doctors to keep the whole of you healthy, and find solutions that consider your health in the long-term, rather than quick fixes in the short-term. This “whole-person” approach to health care starts with our plans and benefits. But even if you’re not covered by EmblemHealth, you can get answers, find resources and even take free health and wellness classes at our neighborhood health hubs. We believe caring for the whole you means caring for the entire community.

Quality, affordable health plans

EmblemHealth offers a range of high-quality, affordable plans for individuals and families, working people and retirees, large and small businesses, and government workers. We offer Medicaid and Medicare plans. And we participate in the state exchanges established by the Affordable Care Act in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

We can help you find a plan that fits you, your family, or your business, with options like dental, vision, acupuncture and telemedicine. We work with leading doctors and hospitals throughout the tristate area, and we offer the largest dental network in New York.

Care That Meets You Where You Live

Community-based care is an important factor in achieving good health. That’s why we’re bringing together community partners to deliver health care services and solutions right in your neighborhood.

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