Care for the Family Caregiver


Information and Resources for Today—Hope and Health for Tomorrow

Are you a family caregiver? If you provide regular and unpaid care to a loved one, you are a family caregiver.

Caregivers need care too. It's why we created the Care for the Family Caregiver initiative nearly 20 years ago.

The goal: Offer informationresources and support that caregivers need to avoid becoming care recipients. We recognize that:

  • The number of care recipients and caregivers grows daily. There are nearly 44 million family caregivers in the U.S.—nearly one in every three people. With aging Baby Boomers, shorter hospital stays and longer life expectancies, this number will grow.
  • Family caregivers are often the forgotten or silent patients. Many caregivers endure physical, emotional and economic challenges without adequate support. Most need help in order to maintain their own health and quality of life.

EmblemHealth's Care for the Family Caregiver initiative recognizes the health needs of the "silent patients" and is designed to serve as a resource. We encourage you to see us as a supportive partner in your caregiving journey.