EmblemHealth and Advance Care Alliance, LLC Announce Collaboration to Manage Integrated Services for Persons With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

EmblemHealth and Advance Care Alliance LLC Announce Collaboration to Manage Integrated Services


NEW YORK, NY (August 8, 2013) — EmblemHealth, the largest New York-based health insurer, and Advance Care Alliance (ACA), a newly formed entity owned in partnership by Advance of Greater New York, LLC; Alliance Care Network, LLC and Long Island Alliance, LLC comprised of more than 75 not-for-profit service providers who have a long history of working with the New York State Office of Persons with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD), have established a collaboration to manage the care of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). The undertaking is in response to New York State's plan to enroll individuals with I/DD in new managed care plans that specialize in the management of habilitation and medical services for this population.

EmblemHealth and ACA will respond jointly to an OPWDD request for applications seeking entities to develop pilot initiatives to manage care for individuals with I/DD. Together, EmblemHealth and ACA would:

  • Demonstrate that effective person-centered services, including care management, medical care coordination and strong input from families and individuals with I/DD, can produce innovative program approaches and positive care outcomes while reducing costs.

  • Integrate medical management into planning and providing services for individuals enrolled in the pilot initiative.

  • Leverage the strengths of current EmblemHealth and ACA provider programs, providing I/DD individuals with improved habilitation and medical outcomes.

EmblemHealth and ACA will seek approval to operate a pilot managed care plan for individuals with I/DD. Under this arrangement, EmblemHealth would contract with ACA for care management services and with ACA's network of providers through its independent practice association for habilitation services and supports. EmblemHealth would provide all insurance-related functions, its case management expertise and its medical network.

About EmblemHealth
EmblemHealth, Inc. provides quality health care coverage and administrative services to approximately 3.4 million people. Groups and individuals can choose from a variety of PPO, EPO and HMO plans, as well as coverage for prescription drugs and dental and vision care. EmblemHealth offers a choice of networks, including quality doctors and other health care professionals throughout the region, leading acute care hospitals across the tristate area, and physicians and hospitals across all 50 states. For more information, visit www.emblemhealth.com.

About Advance Care Alliance
The members of ACA include Advance of Greater NY, LLC (AGNY), Alliance Care Network, LLC (ACN) and LI Alliance, LLC (LIA). Together, ACA have a network of 75 providers serving more than 25,000 individuals in the New York City, Long Island and Westchester, Ulster, Orange and Rockland communities.

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