EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care Showcases Harlem Artists at On-Site Gallery

EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care Showcases Harlem Artists at On Site Gallery


Health care and fine arts come together to celebrate local history, culture

NEW YORK, NY (May 1, 2013) — EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care, located at 215 West 125th Street, is one of Harlem's newest galleries, featuring 40 works from local artists who represent Harlem's historic and artistic culture.

What started with a chance encounter between Lawrence Rodriguez, owner and founder of Casa Frela Gallery, and Christa Hill, community liaison at EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care Harlem, has quickly grown into a powerful collaboration and Harlem arts initiative.

"Harlem is an art-infused, globally recognized community that mirrors iconic American culture," said Hill. "EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care wanted to keep that influence alive in every aspect of the community, including health care, and dedicated our on-site art gallery to supporting local artists."

The EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care gallery has expanded to include works from the Harlem Arts Alliance and children from the Harlem School of the Arts.

"Art means self-expression and self-expression means empowerment," says Ana Ruiz-Castillo, director of visual arts at the Harlem School of the Arts. "By showcasing students' artwork at EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care, we hope to expand this influence and educate more children and adults through the arts, making them more sensitive and aware of their surroundings."

Guests are invited to experience the artwork that canvases the walls of the first and second floors of EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care for free. The pieces of artwork are available for purchase and proceeds go directly to each artist.

In addition to the Harlem gallery, EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care Cambria Heights in Queens also features artwork from the Harlem Arts Alliance.

"EmblemHealth has recognized the importance that the arts play in improving patient care, enhancing the lives of the people we serve and building a community of people who are passionate about maintaining their health and well-being through our expanding gallery," said Patricia McDonald, community liaison at EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care Cambria Heights.

EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care is a warm and inviting place where all members of the community can come in and meet face-to-face with EmblemHealth professionals to ask questions, get reliable information and solve problems. In addition, EmblemHealth members can discuss specific health care needs to make the most of their insurance benefits and the health care system.

For more information about EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care, including specific services offered and upcoming events, please visit www.emblemhealth.com/ehnc or call 1-866-469-0999 .

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