Voluntary Foster Care Agency (VFCA) Services

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Health Facility Services

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29-I VFCA Health Facility Services for Children/Youth

Effective July 1, 2021, all children and youth age 21 and under placed with a 29-I Voluntary Foster Care Agency (VFCA) Health Facility may receive the services below, provided the VFCA has an Article 29-I license and all required New York State certifications, designations and/or licenses.

Note: Beginning Sept. 1, 2021, EmblemHealth no longer requires referrals from primary care providers for specialty care for foster care members.


Core Limited Health Related Services

The five Core Limited Health-Related Services below serve a vital role in child-centered care. All services should include specific outcomes completed within set timeframes. All services must involve youth, parents, and caregivers in the planning and support of treatment.

Please note that this information may be shared and documented with appropriate professionals involved in the child’s care. This health-related documentation will result in a comprehensive treatment plan.



Nursing Support & Medication Management

Nursing services provided using one of the following:

  • Nurse’s office.
  • Exam/triage rooms (not to exceed three rooms).
  • Combination of the above.

Skill Building

Counseling and intervention provided by licensed behavioral health practitioners (LBPHs) including:

  • Psychoanalyst
  • Clinical social worker
  • Marriage and family therapist
  • Mental health counselor
  • Master social worker (MSW)

Skill-building activities include:

  • Establishing and meeting treatment goals for children using historical and current health-related information in collaboration with the care team.
  • Providing psychiatric support, including therapy. This may include individual counseling and treatment, substance abuse counseling and treatment, trauma-informed counseling and treatment, family and group counseling, and transitional counseling.
  • Promoting integration with community resources and skill-building.
  • Providing psycho-education and wellness education.
  • Enhancing compliance with behavioral expectations.
  • Structuring interventions to decrease problem behavior and increase developmentally appropriate pro-social behavior. These interventions are drawn from evidence-based psychotherapeutic methodology.

Medicaid Treatment and Discharge Planning

The VFCA must develop a treatment plan for the Medicaid services provided to the child. This should include:

  • Treatment planning
  • Discharge planning
  • Exchange of health information
  • Documentation of medical escorts, transportation, and supervision to health care appointments.

Clinical Consultation/Program Supervision Services

Clinical Consultation/Program Supervision services may include:  

  • Establishing and meeting treatment goals for children using historical and current health-related information in collaboration with the care team.
  • Prescription and non-prescription medication review.
  • Medical eligibility recommendations for foster care rates pertaining to health care conditions.
  • Advising the local department of social services and VFCA executive directors of the medical needs of the children in their care and/or care and custody.
  • Reviewing and approving required medical and behavioral health forms.
  • Engaging with biological families, guardians, foster families, and caseworkers as needed.
  • Clinical supervision of medical and behavioral health staff in compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations. These may include New York State Education Department requirements as applicable.
  • Quality oversight and improvement services.
  • Emergency medical and behavioral health consultation services.

VFCA Medicaid Managed Care Liaison Services/Administrator

VFCA and Medicaid managed care liaisons ensure a coordinated approach to the child’s healthcare. In addition, the VFCA must have a program administrator with the ability to oversee functions as related to Article 29-I licensure.

In addition, 29-I VFCA Health Facilities contracted with EmblemHealth may provide Other Limited Health-Related Services (OLHRS) as licensed by the State for children who are Medicaid-eligible and who meet medical necessity criteria for Other Limited Health-Related Services, including HCBS. Learn more.

You can also visit the New York State Department of Health for more information.