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EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care

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When You're Ready, We're Here For You

As a local health partner, EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care supports our communities and guides members on personalized journeys toward better health and wellness. Listen to their stories and discover how you can start writing your own.

One-On-One, In-Person Support

Abra Embraced a Healthier Life Approach

Abra came to EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care for help with her health insurance benefits after a life-changing diagnosis. In the years since her first visit, Abra changed her approach to health and wellness for the better.

Discovering a Healthy Lifestyle

Lavada Found Community

Lavada discovered EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care’s free health and wellness classes through a friend. Hear about her favorite classes, which helped her form important new friendships.


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Ready to start your wellness journey? We’re here for you. Visit us at a nearby EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care location throughout New York City. 

Phone: 800-274-2950 (TTY: 711) or Email us today!

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