Open Enrollment Begins November 16th: Here's What You Need To Know

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Open Enrollment Begins November 16th: Here's What You Need To Know


Open Enrollment begins Nov. 16 for individuals and families under the age of 65. Open Enrollment is the yearly period that kicks off in the fall when you can enroll in a health insurance plan that best suits your needs for the next calendar year.

Individual and family plans have benefits in addition to the health care coverage for your consideration when selecting a plan. To help you decide what benefits are most important to you/your family, reflect on the benefits you used the most this year, as well as the benefits you'd like to have for next year. To get started, answer the questions below.
Would I/my family benefit from a health insurance plan that offered:

  • Access to leading doctors and hospitals where I live
  • In-person or virtual no-cost health and wellness classes, like yoga, tai chi and meditation
  • Telemedicine
  • In-person and virtual customer support
  • Pharmacy support — like home delivery
  • Tobacco-free, quit-smoking program
  • Mental health support
  • Community resources to address barriers to health, like food insecurity, transportation and more

At EmblemHealth, when we say we mean health, we mean we offer quality health plans that go beyond coverage. With benefits like those listed above and more, it's what makes us the health plan of choice for more than 3 million people in the tri-state area. To learn more about Open Enrollment, go to our website or, call EmblemHealth at 877-411-3625.



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