Study from EmblemHealth Celebrates New Yorkers' Hometown Pride, Aligning with 75-Year-Old Nonprofit's Brand Identity of NYC's Neighborhood Health and Wellness Company

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Study from EmblemHealth Celebrates New Yorkers' Hometown Pride, Aligning with 75-Year-Old Nonprofit's Brand Identity of NYC's Neighborhood Health and Wellness Company

EmblemHealth Celebrates New Yorkers Hometown Pride


'New Yorkers on New York’ Survey Reveals Increasing Growth of Neighborhood Pride — Plus the Nice Surprise that New Yorkers Are a Welcoming Bunch

NEW YORK, NY (October 2, 2014) — New York is definitely still the city that doesn’t sleep, but it’s no longer a place where people are too busy to give you the time of day. While those living outside New York often rate the city as having a less–than-optimal quality of life, today’s New Yorkers boast of a city that combines a fast pace and 24/7 action with openness, friendliness and caring.

There is no disputing that New Yorkers are quick (87 percent) and thick-skinned (74 percent), but those attributes are tempered with a clear sense that New Yorkers pull together when the going gets tough (84 percent). After 9/11 and Superstorm Sandy, New York began its renaissance as a kinder, gentler New York, and certainly more kind than most people think (74 percent).

The study reinforces EmblemHealth’s emphasis on local outreach — a full 78 percent of survey respondents indicated that they believe New York City is not one big city, but rather a series of many neighborhoods. EmblemHealth has long been deeply embedded in the neighborhoods of New York, with its aptly titled Neighborhood Care just the most visible example.

“At EmblemHealth, we understand the needs of New Yorkers because we are New Yorkers. Our 7,200 employees are dedicated to developing health and wellness programs that meet the changing needs of the people who make up the vibrant neighborhoods we call home,” said David Mahder, Vice President, Marketing & Communications, EmblemHealth. “Every day, we are in the neighborhoods of New York, connecting people with the care and resources they need. The survey provides validation that New Yorkers are looking for strong partners who will support their optimistic vision for their city.”

The insights come from a new EmblemHealth study, “New Yorkers on New York,” that explores perceptions of the city and its people from the perspective of 500 current inhabitants of the five boroughs. The sample yielded a great majority (70 percent) who were born in the city and almost half (49 percent) who had lived in more than one borough. Respondents answered a range of precoded questions and were able to comment in their own words.

In addition to understanding that New Yorkers’ perception of their city is a far cry from the poor quality–of–life perceptions quoted in traditional surveys, topline findings of EmblemHealth’s survey included unique attitudinal perspectives, such as:

  • Three-quarters (75 percent) think New Yorkers are open–minded
  • 74 percent think New Yorkers have a great sense of humor
  • 58 percent think New Yorkers are quick to make friends

“New York City used to be synonymous with Manhattan, but no more. People are increasingly finding their niches in other boroughs, making the whole city one of the most diverse and vibrant cultural and economic patchworks in the world,” said Marc Warner, Senior Director, Brand and Advertising, EmblemHealth. “The city is still the preeminent example of America’s unrivaled capacity to attract and welcome enterprising people — and with our upcoming campaign entitled ‘Legacy of Care,’ EmblemHealth is out to showcase that it has been innovating and putting care first from one generation to another for a very long time.”

The “New Yorkers on New York” survey was created by Havas PR North America and fielded online by Market Probe International in September 2014 for EmblemHealth. The survey achieved a random sample of 500 respondents from the five boroughs of New York City. During data processing, the survey numbers were weighted to reflect the relative populations of the five boroughs.

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